The immune system is a part of body's defense system, which protects it against noxious and harmful environmental agents, as well neoplastic changes. Immunotherapy is a method of treatment used in the management of cancer. The top hospitals for immunotherapy in India can be found through the medical service providers.

The primary and secondary lymphoid organs play a major role in immunotherapy. Based on the pathology there are various types of immunotherapies. The immunotherapies which act directly on cancer cells are namely,

  • Adoptive method of cell transfer and
  • • Checkpoint inhibitors

Immunotherapy in India is popular due to the high success rates assured by the super specialty centers.Adoptive method is treatment procedure which helps in boosting the innate ability of T-cells to act against cancer.Check point inhibitors and adoptive cell methods are the most common used methods of immunotherapy. The cells for adoptive method is taken from the cancerous tissue. Laboratory culture is performed for synthesizing active immunotherapy cells.

Check point method of immunotherapy is performed in case of strong pathology of tumor.The method helps in avoiding the immune system attack by the cancer cells.

The immunotherapy is performed by specialized oncologists in India. Affordable cost and best treatment are the benefits of immunotherapy in India. The multi specialty centers are having qualified oncologists and facilities for providing the best available treatmentto the visitors. Immunotherapy is a biological method. As it is a biological method , it has attained great popularity among the people who fear the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The individuals who wish for affordable cost and best treatment can choose India as their destination for immunotherapy. Immunotherapy cost in India is highly affordable compared to contemporaneous countries.

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