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Kaposi Sarcoma Treatment Cost in India

Kaposi sarcoma was extremely rare in the United States before HIV/AIDS was widespread. It was observed that about 2 people diagnosed for every 1 million people at that time. But the rate had increased to about 47 cases per 1 million people, in the late 1990s. Yu won’t believe but Men are nearly 10 times more likely than women to be diagnosed with the disease.

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What is Kaposi Sarcoma?

It is a kind of tumor which most often seen in people with late-stage HIV, as well as in people taking immunosuppressant medications. It involves blood vessels and even affects soft tissue in multiple areas of the body.

There are four main types of Kaposi sarcoma:

  • Classic KS
  • Epidemic KS
  • Endemic KS
  • Latrogenic KS

It’s symptoms-

Kaposi Sarcoma lefts up marks on the skin with the characteristics such as:

  • Left with brown, purple, pink, or red blemishes commonly known as macules.
  • the tendency to merge into plaques and nodules ( color ranges blue-violet to black in appearance)
  • occasional swelling
  • outward growth
  • inward growth into the soft tissue/ bone

It’s causes-

This disease is caused due to the association between the lesions and HIV. The new virus that is, the Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV), also known as human herpesvirus 8 (HHV8) was developed by Chang and Moore in the year 1994.

Kaposi Sarcoma Treatment-

Kaposi sarcoma without pain does not even needs to get cured. Top hospitals for best Kaposi sarcoma treatment in India suggest the following treatment options such as:

  • Local therapy, including surgery: It includes surgical excision, cryotherapy, and electrocoagulation.
  • Radiation therapy: It is used where multiple lesions are present or affecting lymph nodes.
  • Chemotherapy: In this process, the drugs are directly injected directly into the tumor.
  • Immunotherapy: It harnesses the power of the immune system to attack cancer cells. It is injected into the muscle to help with immunity. One of the examples is Interferon alpha.

The best Kaposi sarcoma treatment cost In India is much affordable. So, don’t worry about the expenses! Also, before getting into the treatment, don’t forget to discuss all the aspects of the treatment with your doctor.

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