Lateral retinacular release surgery

Lateral Retinacular Release Surgery

The lateral retinacular release surgery is a minimally invasive method used for realignment of patella. Arthroscopy is used in performing lateral retinacular release surgery.

Lateral retinacular release surgery in India

India is a leading destination for all major orthopedic procedures. The lateral retinacular release surgery is highly popular in India due to the high success rates. The extensor apparatus of the knee comprises of quadriceps muscle, quadriceps tendon, patella with retinaculae on each sides and the patellar tendon. Conservative as well surgical measures is used in the management of subluxation or dislocation of patella. In general there are three types of dislocation namely

  • Acute dislocation
  • Recurrent dislocation and
  • Habitual dislocation.

Symptoms of patellar dislocation are pain and discomfort associated with impaired range of movements. Diagnosis of subluxation of patella is performed with the help of manual tests and radiological imaging. X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging are used in the diagnosis of patellar subluxation.

Lateral retinacular release surgery doctors in India

The orthopedic doctors in India are highly experienced and skilled in performing surgical procedures. The reduction followed by cylinder cast immobilization for three weeks is used in treating acute dislocation of patella. The medial shifting of patellar tendon is the surgery for recurrent dislocation and downwards so that the line of pull of the quadriceps shifts medially. Retinacular and other tight structures release is the treatment method of habitual dislocation or subluxation. Arthroscopic method releases the tight structures associated with the complaint. The cutting procedure through the tight retinaculum helps the patella to reach the groove easily to ensure the normal range of movements. The bleeding and pain due to the lateral retinacular release is controlled with the help of medications and rest.

Benefits of Lateral retinacular release surgery in India

India has good orthopedic specialists and multi specialty centers with all facilities to undergo complex surgical procedures. Best orthopedic doctors in India and best specialty centers can be approached through the medical assistance service providers in India by using the information technology. The Lateral retinacular release surgery cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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