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The surgical procedure of removing small brain tissue lesions is called as lesionectomy. The invasive as well as minimal invasive techniques are popular in lesionectomy surgery.

Lesionectomy in India

India is a major destination for all medical related procedures. The traditional surgical procedure of craniotomy is used in Lesionectomy. The recent less invasive methods also is used in lesionectomy surgery.

Indication of Lesionectomy

  • Dysplasia in cortical region
  • Malformations in blood vessels like arteriovenous malformation and cavernous malformation
  • Brain tumors
  • Stroke
  • Injury to brain tissue are the major indications for lesionectomy

Diagnosing techniques for lesionectomy surgery includes magnetic resonance imaging and computerized tomography scanning. The proper diagnosis helps in fixing the treatment with high accuracy.

Lesionectomy doctors in India

Lesionectomy is performed by a neurology surgeon. The individuals with certain drug resistance are more beneficial from lesionectomy procedure. The children with seizures who are having certain drug resistance also are indicative for lesionectomy surgery. The procedure of lesionectomy includes either craniotomy or probing under magnetic resonance imaging guidance. The second variant uses small keyholes for lesionectomy procedure. The affected tissue is removed according to the requirement assessed by the neurosurgeon for getting relieved from the symptoms.

Benefits of Lesionectomy in India

The surgical as well as all the neurological treatments performed in India assure high success rates. The lesionectomy is one among the neurological procedures which help in managing wide range of neurology associated symptoms. Seizure management is done with the help of minimal invasive keyhole craniotomy and is getting good results. The medical service providers and hospitals in India assure the best available care for the patients undertaking medical procedures. The quality and standards maintained by the super specialty centers are matchless and best to provide possible available treatments with high success rate. The affordable lesionectomy cost in India and best quality service are the benefits of lesionectomy in India.

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