Lung Cancer Treatment

Primary carcinoma of the lung has increased in percentage of occurrence from the beginning of this century. Its incidence has rapidly increased in last three decades. The tumor of various size having malignant nature is considered to be lung cancer. The oncologistsin India have performed a number of progressive and successful researches on lung cancer management.

he most commonly considered risk factors of lung cancer are,

  • Increase in the habit of cigarette smoking
  • Industrial hazards including inhalation of fumes and dyes
  • Atmospheric pollution due to dangerous gaseous substances from machineries including vehicles etc.

The most common aetiology of lung cancer is smoking of cigarette. The cigarette smoke contains polycyclic hydrocarbons and unburned tobacco contains N-nitrosonornicotine. These substances within the cigarette smoke are highly carcinogenic. It has been observed that cigarette smoking for a long period is required for the initial manifestation of this disease. The smoke from cigarette is more dangerous than pipes and cigars.The top hospitals for lung cancer treatment in India is ensuring good results in the management and care of this particular disease.

The histological changes which are caused by smoking are basal cell hyperplasia, stratification, squamous metaplasia and carcinoma in situ.The patients may remain asymptomatic for quite a few years and diagnosis is only made by chest X-ray for some other reasons. This asymptomatic groups constitute around 4-5% of all cases. Lung cancer is seen predominantly in men of 45-65 years of old. The lung cancer treatment doctors in India are highly efficient and capable of assuring successful results in this particular disease.


The signs and symptoms of lung cancer are cough, hemoptysis, chest pain and dyspnea. The secondary invasion signs are hoarseness of voice, cervical lymph node enlargement and hepatomegaly. Blood test including CEA levels and other measures like X-ray, cytological examination of sputum, percutaneous needle biopsy,brochoscopy, mediastinoscopy, CT scan, Barium swallow examination and routine radiographic bone survey are performed in all patients.

The treatment of lung cancer includes, radical excision, radical lobectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The cost of lung cancer treatment in India is highly affordable compared to the rates of contemporaneous countries.

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