Mastoidectomy surgery is performed to remove the impaired mastoid air cells. The operation is performed to eradicate the disease of both middle ear and mastoid.Mastoidectomy cost in India is highly affordable compared to other countries.

In general there are three types of mastoidectomy, they are

  • Cortical mastoidectomy or So!ple mastoidectomy or Schwartz operation
  • Modified radical mastoidectomy and
  • Radical mastoidectomy

Cortical mastoidectomy known as simple mastoidectomy is complete removal of all accessible mastoid air cells and converting them into a single cavity. In this surgery middle ear structures are not disturbed.

Radical mastoidectomy is a procedure eradicate disease from the middle ear and mastoid without any attempt to reconstruct hearing. This otologic surgery is performed by Otolarngolists in India. Posterior metal wall is removed and entire area of attic, antrum and mastoid is converted into a single cavity.

Modified radical mastoidectomy is a modification of earlier mentioned method. The disease process which is often localized to the attic and antrum is removed and the whole area fully exteriorized into the meatus by removal of the posterior meatal and lateral attic wall.

Indications for mastoidectomy includes,

  • Acute coalescent mastoiditis
  • Incompletely resolved acute otitis media with reservoir sign
  • Masked mastoiditis
  • Cholesteatoma
  • Localized confirmed otitis media

In most cases top hospitals for mastoidectomy in India anesthesia for performing the surgery.

India is considered as the major destination for mastoidectomy due to the presence of good quality super-specialty centers. The high success rates and affordable costs are the two major reasons for choosing India as medical destination. The medical education system in India is considered to be one among the best in among contemporaneous nations.

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