Multiple sclerosis treatment

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease affecting middle-aged or young individuals characterized by demyelination, inflammation and scarring in the central nervous system.

Multiple sclerosis treatment in India

The incidence of multiple sclerosis affects the individuals of the age 0f 20-40 years. The females are affected comparatively in higher frequency than males. The clinical features include 50% polysymptomatic and 50% monosymptomatic. Based on the clinical course of multiple sclerosis there are namely 4 types,

  • Relapsing-remitting type
  • Secondary progressive type
  • Primary progressive type
  • Progressive relapsing type

The major motor symptoms of multiple sclerosis include weakness during exertion, upper motor neurons lesion signs like loss of abdomen reflex and Babinski sign, muscle wasting and spasticity. The sensory symptoms are paresthesia, trigeminal neuralgia and Lhermite sign. In some cases, optic neuritis and central scotoma, 3rd cranial nerve palsy and retrobulbar neuritis are also observed. The diagnosis of multiple sclerosis includes laboratory analysis and radiological studies. The tests like CSF protein, CSF electrophoresis, electrical studies and magnetic resonance imaging are done in the diagnosis of magnetic resonance imaging. India is one among the leading destination for neurology related disease treatment.

Multiple sclerosis treatment doctors in India

The doctors in India are experienced and eminent in managing all kinds of medical conditions. The treatment for multiple sclerosis includes medications and alternative medicine therapies. The medications used are Interferon variants, Glatiramer acetate and Methylprednisolone. The symptoms are managed with the help of Diazepam, Gabapentine and Oxybutynin. The prognosis per cent of the disease explains a minimum of 5 years of asymptomatic life.

Benefits of Multiple sclerosis treatment in India

The neurosciences in the hospitals of India are having all the high-end facilities. India has good doctors and super speciality centres with all facilities to undergo complex medical procedures. Best doctors in India and best speciality centres can be approached through the medical assistance service providers in India by using the information technology. The cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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