Neurolysis procedure

Neurolysis procedure

The degeneration of a targeted nerve with the help of chemical agents is called as neurolysis procedure. This procedure of nerve degeneration is used to reduce the pain in oncology patients. The neurolysis helps in the prevention of transmission of signals by the targeted nerve. The patients who are suffering from pain can choose this method of nerve degeneration method for avoiding intake of high dose pain killer medications.

Neurolysis procedure in India

India is having good quality super specialty centers assuring the best care and management of neurological conditions. The major types of neurolysis are

  • Celiac plexus neurolysis and
  • Lumbar sympathetic neurolysis. Both this procedures are based on the location.

The neurolysis method is applied when all pain relieving measures are not giving satisfactory results. The method of neurolysis helps to degenerate the sympathetic ganglia to prevent the signal transmission. The conditions indicated for neurolysis are assessed with the help of detailed case taking.

Neurolysis procedure doctors in India

The neurology specialist doctors in India are experienced in managing all the conditions with good care and high success rate. The procedures like neurolysis is having high success rate in the super specialty centers in India. The procedure is done with the injection of certain chemicals, phenol or alcohol in to the nervous system. The result of neurolysis is achieved by the degeneration and absence of signal transmission. The pain reducing or pain alleviating is the major aim of neurolysis procedure. The people who are suffering from oncology related pain can choose India for attaining good results in highly affordable costs.

Benefits of neurolysis procedure in India

India has good neurology specialist doctors and neurology super specialty centers with all facilities to undergo complex surgical procedures. Best neurology doctors in India and best specialty centers can be approached through the medical assistance service providers in India by using the information technology. The neurolysis procedure cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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