Parkinson’s disease –Stem cell treatment

Parkinson’s disease is caused due to the degeneration of neurons and exhibit the symptoms of I paired movements a coordination. The management of Parkinson’s disease is managed with the help of many treatment measures. The recent development of Parkinsonism treatment is addition of stem cell therapy. Stem cells are separated and injected to the patient for replacing the cells causing impairment and generating new cells of normal behavior.

Parkinsons Disease –Stem cell treatment in India

The clinical features of Parkinsonism include staring look and expressionless face. Soft and rapid speech, greasy nature of skin and flexed posture are the associated symptoms of Parkinsonism. The individual with Parkinsonism will have a short step gait. The mental symptoms of depression and anxiety can also be seen in this medical condition. Laboratory tests, radiological imaging and electroencephalogram are done for assessment of the patient.

Parkinson’s disease –Stem cell treatment doctors in India

Symptomatic medications, withdrawal drugs which cause Parkinson’s symptoms, ablation, surgery, stimulation of brain cells and stem cell therapy are used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease treatment. The stem cell therapy is the recent method of treatment used in the management of Parkinson’s disease. The pluripotent stem cells derived from the body of the patient is injected back to replace the impaired cells of the central nervous system. The cells are placed in the circulation or cerebrospinal fluid to start the replacement process. The recent studies on stem cell effects are showing positive results in generating dopamine cells from human embryonic cells.

Benefits of Parkinson’s disease –Stem cell treatment in India

Parkinson’s disease –Stem cell treatment cost in India is also highly affordable compared to other countries. The medical service providers and hospitals in India are also the best in providing good quality services in highly affordable costs. The centers in India also are having good facilities and professionals to assure high success rates in the treatment procedures.

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