Pituitary Tumor Treatment

The adenomas caused in the brain which are mostly non-cancerous is called as pituitary tumor. The adenomas are having a non-spreading nature. The treatment method for pituitary tumor includes medications and other invasive as well as non-invasive methods.

Pituitary Tumor Treatment in India

The neurological medical centers in India assure high success rate in the surgical management of central nervous system tumors. The major symptoms are caused by the hormone-secreting cells of the pituitary gland. The non-hormone secreting cells exert pressure on the structures to cause. The symptoms of the pituitary tumors include headache, vision loss, nausea, vomiting, joint and general weakness, weight loss and sexual dysfunctions. In females, irregular menstruation and abnormal lactation can be observed as pituitary gland tumor symptoms. The medical centers and medical professionals in India are the best and matchless in assuring the best available treatment and care.

Pituitory Tumor Treatment doctors in India

The cause of pituitary tumors is unclear or idiopathic. The small gland is situated in the middle of the brain and controls almost all the functions of the body especially growth and reproduction. The blood tests and radiological imaging are done to diagnose the presence of pituitary tumors. The hormones tests, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography scanning can be used in the assessment of pituitary tumor. In general, the pituitory tumor of asymptomatic nature is not treated. The symptomatic tumors are treated with the help of medication, surgery and radiation. The surgery is performed by a group of neurosurgeons and other specialists. The combination of treatments is used in case of pituitary tumor management. The endoscopic and craniotomy methods are used as the surgical measures and stereotactic and beam radiation for the management of pituitary tumor. The method of hormonal therapy is also used in the treatment of the pituitory tumor. The neurology doctors in India are highly experienced and excellent in performing medical procedures.

Benefits of Pituitary Tumor Treatment in India

Pituitary Tumor Treatment cost in India is also highly affordable compared to other countries. The medical service providers and hospitals in India assure the best available care for the patients undertaking medical procedures. The quality and standards maintained by the super speciality centers are matchless and best to provide possible available treatments with high success rate.

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