PPI-Permanent Pacemaker Implant - Double Chamber Cost in India

Autorhythmicity is the function of the heart muscle. The failure in heart muscle activity needs emergency medical attention. Pacemakers are induced externally by surgical measures for keeping heart in proper rhythm.

PPI – Permanent Pacemaker Implant – Double Chamber treatment in India

India is known for cardiology surgical procedures due to high success rates. The heart rate below required rate is due to impaired myocardial activity. The super specialty centers in India with the help of high efficient doctors are undertaking pacemaker implant surgeries. The permanent pacemaker implant is a long term solution for the cardiac patients with impaired electrical activity.

Types of Permanent Pacemaker Implant

In general there are three types of permanent pacemaker implants

  • Single chamber
  • Double chamber and
  • Biventricular

The Single chamber permanent pacemaker is used to carry electrical impulses o right ventricle. The double chamber sends impulses to right ventricle and right atrium. The two lower ventricle electrical activity impairment is treated using biventricular pacemaker. The Sinoatrial node is the natural pacemaker of heart. The electrical impulses from SA node travel to the atrioventricular node situated in between the atria and the two ventricles.

PPI- Permanent Pacemaker Implant – Double Chamber treatment doctors in India

The conditions of atrial fibrillation, bradycardia and the medical conditions with weak heart beats require an external pacemaker. The doctors in India are highly efficient in managing cardiac disorders. The specialty centers in cardiology are having all updated instruments in managing all major categories of heart diseases.

What are the major risk factors of heart disorders?

  • Smoking
  • Improper diet and
  • Unhealthy lifestyle - are the major causes of heart diseases.

These factors are responsible for the impairment I circulation. The hereditary history also can become a causative factor for heart diseases. The inertness caused to the physical body leads to many diseases in individuals with a hectic work schedule with less physical activity.

What are the non-medical steps in preventing heart diseases?

  • Proper exercises and
  • Healthy life style - are the two steps taken for a healthy disease free life.

What are the benefits of Permanent Pacemaker Implant surgery in India?

India is considered as one among the major destination for cardiology procedures. The facilities in cardiology specialty centers and the experienced doctors are matchless in India compared to any other countries. PPI- Permanent Pacemaker Implant- Double chamber cost in India is highly affordable and the procedures are having high success rates. The medical service providers and hospitals in India are assuring the best service and care.

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