Pulmonary Atresia Surgery Cost in India

The method of treatment using Radio frequency waves or alternating current to destroy the activity of a particular region or unwanted cell in a body by generating heat is called Radio frequency ablation. The radiology guided procedure of RFA is time saving and cost effective compared to an open surgery.

Common Medical conditions in which RFA is performed

  • Pain management in wide range of medical conditions (Cervical Spondylosis, IVDP etc.)
  • Cancer management (malignant tumors)
  • Conduction disorders of heart and
  • Varicose veins are the major conditions in which Radio Frequency Ablation treatment is performed.

Clinical Procedure of Radio Frequency Ablation

The Radio frequency treatment performed may vary according to the nature of the disease. The alternating current application through the means of electrodes in the form of probe, needle or catheter is followed in radio frequency ablation.

In the management of malignant tumor, the radio frequency wave generating probe or needle is inserted through a key hole for destruction of the tumor cells without affecting the normal functioning areas. In cardiac disorders with abnormal electrical conduction, the responsible tissue is destroyed using a catheter induced with mid-range radio frequency wave. This procedure of applying required quantity of heat for destroying abnormal electrical activity of heart is called as Radio Frequency Catheterablation. Radio frequency ablation of varicose vein is also a similar procedure to that of catheter ablation in Cardiac disorders. All ablation procedures are done under the guidance of radiological measures and local anesthetics.

Benefits of Radio Frequency Ablation treatment in India

  • Time Saving and
  • Cost effective

Effective time management and cost efficient nature are the benefits of RFA in India. The Radio frequency ablation cost in India which is comparatively lesser than that of western countries. The procedure can be managed in an out- patient set up and the patient can leave the hospital on the same day of visit are also few among peculiar features of RFA. Time saving and cost effective nature of RFA is making it as the first choice of a practitioner as well as the patient.

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