Radio frequency Rhizotomy – Neurotomy

Neurotomy or Radio frequency Rhizotomy is a medical procedure with the help of radio frequency waves. The procedure of radio frequency rhizotomy is helpful in relieving the pain associated with a condition.

Radio frequency Rhizotomy – Neurotomy in India

Pain is a major symptom associated with many neurological disorders. The pain generated in certain medical conditions will not respond to medications. The Radio frequency Rhizotomy destroys the nerves which induces pain.

The indication for radio frequency rhizotomy includes all kinds of chronic pain conditions within a body.

  • Lower back ache
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sciatica related radiating pain etc. can be treated using Radio frequency -Rhizotomy

Radio frequency Rhizotomy – Neurotomy doctors in India

The doctors specialized in Radio frequency ablation performs the neurotomy procedure in India. The neurology specialist with special training performs this medical procedure. The procedure includes application of required radio frequency energy to cook the nerve. The destruction of nerve is done without breaking the pathway. The pathology behind nerve irritation can be cured during the inert time of functionally dead nerve.

The proper diagnosis must be made before performing radio frequency Rhizotomy. The proper diagnosis helps in performing the nerve destruction with high accuracy. The procedures like magnetic resonance imaging or computerized tomography scan can be used in diagnosing the medical condition.

Benefits of Radio frequency Rhizotomy in India

Neurology is well established in India with all upgraded facilities for diagnosing and surgical management. Radio frequency Rhizotomy – Neurotomy cost in India is also highly affordable compared to other countries. The medical service providers and hospitals in India assure the best available care for the patients undertaking medical procedures. The quality and standards maintained by the super specialty centers are matchless and best to provide possible available treatments with high success rate.

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