Repair of Digital Nerves

A finger, thumb or toe is called as a digit. The nerves which supply these digits are called digital nerves. The division of tibial nerve is controlling toes. Fingers in hands are controlled by Radial and Ulnar nerve. A minor injury or trauma can manipulate the normal functioning of digital nerves. Few years back the treatment of block in digital nerves was not that successful due to the lack of technology. The invention of anesthesia and development of orthopedics along with radiology have opened a good possibility in the repair ofdigital nerves.

Cost of Digital nerve repair in India

The repair of digital nerve cost in India may vary from 400$- 500$.

Repair of Digital nerve: Procedure

Repair of digital nerve procedure is done under mild anesthesia after proper radiological analysis. In general, an aseptic method is used according to the site and nature of injury. Fracture, infection, additional growth etc. are the common conditions indicated for repair of digital nervetechnique.

Types of Digital nerve Repair

Generally Digital nerve repair typesare three in number.

  • Epineural Repair
  • Epinueral sleeve Repair and
  • Fascicular Repair

The digital nerve injury treatmentalso includes clearing of anatomical obstructions on nerve.

Benefits of Digital nerve Repair in India

The cost effective and time saving factors are the major merits of undertaking digital nerve repair in India. Medical tourism in India is leading many individuals to treat and cure their ailments within an affordable budget.


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