Revision Single Knee Replacement

Revision of knee replacement is indicated in the failure of knee prosthesis due to break or wear out. Infections, trauma and injury may lead to the revision or reinstallation of prosthesis. The revision surgery replaces old prosthesis with new prosthesis for retaining the normal functions of the joint.

Revision single knee replacement in India

The orthopedic centers in India are having all the high advanced facilities for providing good quality treatment. The revision surgery is performed in case of prosthesis failure. The major indications for the revision surgery are diminished stability, reduced functioning, increased pain, infection and fracture due trauma. The symptoms of failure of prosthesis include pain and discomfort along with difficulty or inability in movements. Arthroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging and X-ray are used in the assessment of knee joint to understand the pathology.

Revision single knee replacement doctors in India

The doctors in India are experienced and skilled in performing all orthopedic related surgical procedures. Revision single knee replacement surgery may include grafting and installation of new prosthesis. Instability, increased pain and fracture are the few conditions indicated for a revision surgery. A revision surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The method of revision used in case of an infection is different from other conditions. Revision surgery will remove the old prosthesis and clean the infected area. After proper cleaning of the infected area, a spacer treated with antibiotic is installed by the orthopedic surgeon. Once the infection is healed the new implant is inserted. The prosthesis is used by the surgeon according to the requirement in the patient. The complications of revision surgery are infections, DVT and loosening. Medications, physical therapy and rest are important for attaining the best result after revision single knee replacement surgery.

Benefits of Revision single knee replacement in India

India is a country with well established medical system. The orthopedic specialty centers are having high facilities and highly qualified orthopedic surgeons. The good quality medical service providers and hospitals in India helps in attaining the visa for visiting India on medical purpose. Revision single knee replacement cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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