Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder- joint is a ball and socket type of synovial joint. The joint is formed by the articulation of the bones, scapula and humerus. This structurally weak joint is also called as gleno-humeral articulation. The structural weakness of the joint is due to the shallow glenoid cavity articulating with humeral head.

Shoulder replacement surgery in India

The replacement surgery or arthroplasty of shoulder-joint is performed with high success rates in India. The indication for shoulder joint replacement includes arthritis and severe injury. The symptoms of shoulder- joint impairment are pain, swelling and difficulty in range of movements. Discomfort and crepitus may also be experienced by a person with shoulder-joint disorder. In case of shoulder-joint deformity, the associated structures which provide stability are also affected. The coracoarcromial arch, musculotendinous cuff and glenoidal labrum along with the ligaments of shoulder joint may also show pathological changes. The diagnostic techniques in shoulder-joint assessment are X-ray, arthroscopy and magnetic resonance imaging.

Shoulder replacement surgery doctors in India

The orthopedic specialists in the multi-specialty centers of India are highly experienced in the management and care of joint disorders. The procedure for shoulder replacement or shoulder-joint arthroplasty is done under local or general anesthesia. The surgery is performed by a group of orthopedic surgeons. The prosthesis replacing the head of humerus is a metallic part with a stem leading towards the interior of humeral shaft. The glenoid part is made of polyethylene substance which is fixed with the help of cement to the floor of the cavity. The surgery requires the separation of deltoid muscle. Instruments for initial repairing or clearing of the joint are inserted through cut made on deltoid muscle. Anesthetics are also used for the pain management during the post surgery period. Medications, rest and mild physiotherapy will help in the fast healing around replaced shoulder joint.

Benefits of Shoulder replacement surgery in India

India is a country with well established orthopedic specialty medical centers. The orthopedic specialty centers are having high facilities and highly qualified doctors. The official procedure for visa is also done by the good quality medical service providers in India. Shoulder replacement surgery cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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