To be précised, it is an abnormal growth of skin cells.


Skin cancer occurs due to the DNA mutations caused by UV rays exposure and this effects epidermis. People with some specific types of skin are at higher risk of developing melanoma. Scientists are still trying to find out the exact reason behind this cancer, but here is a short list of factors that can increase the risk of skin cancer.

  • More sun-exposure/ UV rays.
  • Increasing number of moles
  • High-tendency to develop freckles, especially after the sun exposure.
  • Five or more Asymmetrical moles.
  • Lot of age spots, sun spots, small grey-brown spots, actinic lentigines.
  • Pale and burning skin. This skin usually does not get tanned.
  • Light-colored eyes, along with red or light colored hairs.
  • Any family history of Melanoma
  • Golden agers are at higher risk
  • Exposure to X-Rays, harmful chemicals like arsenic
  • Fair-skinned individuals, that have hazel or blue eyes.
  • People with red or blond hair are particularly vulnerable.

To be on safer side, you should always avoid the direct sun exposure. It’s better to stay away from using tanning beds frequently.


It is hard to detect skin cancer at the early stages, but we be on safer side we keep watching any unusual change in our skin. Any kind of unusual change like an asymmetrical mole, brownish scar, flesh-colored lesion, or any other observation should be reported to a cancer specialist.

  • Skin sore, that is not healing for a long time
  • A lump that appears smooth, shiny, or pale
  • A sore spot that is causing itching, is painful and is tender that may bleed sometimes.
  • A rapid increase in a number of moles.
  • Red rough, scaly and dry spot on any part’s skin.

As the cancer cells increases, the shape and size of skin mass can be seen clearly.


There are 3 main types of Skin cancer;

1. Basal Cell Carcinoma

2. Squamous Cell Carcinoma

3. Merkel Cell Carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) appears more on the head or even neck, this can be the first symptom but can be seen on the chest, abdomen region as well as the legs. It looks translucent, pale, smooth or waxy at sometimes. Early diagnosis will help in saving the surrounding tissue because BCC tends to invade and spread more into the bones, nerves, tissues and this can cause prominent damages.

Squamous cell carcinomas (SCC) develops as a roughly appearing lump on the skin. You can spot red hard bump, scaly patch. A sore that does not heal properly, or gets healed and reappears, should be a matter of concern. SCC can be found in the head, neck, arms, skin sores and genital region.

Melanoma cancer- It is considered one of the most fatal forms of skin cancer. Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that arises in the melanocytes, i.e. the pigment cells in our skin. It can be more fatal than any other forms of skin cancer due to its tendency to spread in other parts of the body in a faster pace. A Melanoma Cancer that is diagnosed in later stages can become incurable and deadly.

Early detection is important, the sooner it is diagnosed, sooner you can get it treated.

Melanoma Symptoms

Melanoma appears as a mole, but suddenly it turns into a new dark spot on the skin. Doctors follow the ABCE warning signs of melanoma to detect in in early stages, i.e.

  • ‘A’ stands of Asymmetric- malignant melanoma is not round like other common moles. It is distorted in shape and appears in an asymmetric form.
  • ‘B’ stands for the ‘border’- The border is irregular, looks notched, blurred or ragged.
  • ‘C’ stands for ‘Color’- you can spot uneven shades like different shades of black, brown, paled, slight white or even blue pigmentation.
  • ‘D’ stands for ‘diameter’- You can observe a prominent increase in the size of the melanoma mole, it can reach more than the quarter inch in diameter)
  • ‘E’ stands for Evolving- A mole that keeps evolving w.r.t the shape, size, and color in months or even weeks.

Metastatic Cancer- A cancer is said as metastatic cancer when it starts getting spread to other body parts. The doctor usually terms the last stage (stage 4) melanoma as metastasis.

You may have heard about the Metastatic Melanoma. A cancer is said metastatic in advanced stages when it starts spreading to other body parts rapidly. If the skin cancer becomes fatal and reaches to stage 4, then it may get spread to following parts of the body;

  • Melanoma under the nail. It is also k/s melanoma nail
  • The tissue under the skin. This type of cancer is also termed as sarcoma cancer.
  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Brain and many other parts

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