Skin Cancer - Melanoma

Skin cancer or Melanoma is the malignant lesion originates in the melanoblasts. Precursors of the melanocytes arise in the neural crest. These cells migrate to the areas including the skin, meninges, eyes and upper esophagus during fetallife. In each of these locations melanocytes show the ability to develop into a malignant melanoma. The top hospitals for skin cancer treatment in India assures good result in the management of this condition.

The causative factors include,

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Race
  • UV rays
  • Genetic factor
  • Steroid reaction
  • Role trauma and
  • Role of pregnancy

The patient of any age and sex can be affected with skin cancer. The oncologists in India have made progressive research programs for assuring high quality cancer treatment.

Based on pathology there are four types of melanoma, namely

  • Lentigo malignant melanoma- thus variant is more often seen in older individuals in the sixth to eighth decades of life. This lesion consists of spindle shaped malignant cells. Pagetoidcells are usually not seen in this lesion. This condition is presented as mild melanoma and it is having better prognosis.
  • Superficial spreading melanoma- The commonest type of melanoma and occurs in both sun exposed and non sun exposed areas of the skin. In this lesion also pagetoid cells with multi junction activity and bulging of epidermis is seen.
  • Acrallentiginous melanoma- This is also one among the commonest melanomas among the black population. It can be seen on the palm, soles and in subungual positions over the body. In this lesion the pagetoid cells are not present compared to other lesions.
  • Nodular melanoma- This variant of melanoma, the horizontal growth is absent and vertical growth predominates.This is the most malignant form of melanoma. The cost of skin cancer treatment in India is highly affordable and beneficial compared to other countries.

India is one among the best treatment destination for malignancies associated with skin.Best service and better care can be assured by choosing Indian centers for treatment.

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