Spinal Fusion Surgery

The fusing technique used to join two or more vertebrae is called as spinal fusion. The procedure is also called as spondylodesis. Based on pathology, screws are used in the fusing procedure. The synthetic material or grafts are used in spinal fusion surgery to make connection between two vertebrae. The spinal fusion procedure helps in reducing pain and discomfort caused due to the pathology caused over the region.

Spinal Fusion Surgery in India

Indian medical centers assure good quality medical procedures. The conditions like spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis are treated with the help of spinal fusion surgery. The conditions like degenerative disc disorder and spinal trauma may also require spinal fusion procedures.

The benefits of spinal fusion surgery include pain and discomfort relief along with assuring maximum possible range of movement without causing nerve irritation. India is one among the major medical hub for performing medical procedures with high success rates. The medical education system in India is producing doctors with high quality and efficiency.

Spinal Fusion Surgery doctors in India

The specialists in India are efficient in managing all kind of medical procedures. The type of spinal fusion depends on the area of pathology. The types include,

  • Anterior
  • Posterior and
  • Bilateral

Based on the regions of pathology,

  • Anterior cervical dissectomy and fusion
  • Anterior thoracic decompression and fusion
  • Lumbar postero-lateral fusion – are the different fusion techniques based on the region.

The success rates of spinal fusion surgery in India are high compared to other medical destinations.

Benefits of Spinal Fusion Surgery in India

India is one among the major destination for medical travelers. The neurology and orthopedics specialty centers are having high facilities and highly qualified doctors. The medical assistance service providers in India is also the best with all services including travel and stay for medical procedures. The visa procedures are also done by the medical service providers for making the governmental procedures in India approachable and easy. The cost of Spinal Fusion Surgery in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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