The technology is exhibiting progressive growth in the field of medical science. Stem cell therapy is one among the major achievement of science, used in the treatment of wide range of diseases. The cells which can differentiate into any kind of cells are called as stem cells. Diseases like Diabetes, Arthritis, and cancer etc. are treated using this method. Stem cell therapy in India has become popular due to the availability of treatment specialists and best service providers.

Ailments in which Stem Cell treatment is applied

Locomotor and nervous system disorders are the major ailments treated using Stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy for arthritis and bone marrow malignancy is giving good results. The stem cell transplant cost in India is affordable compared to other countries. Availability of multi-specialty centers and high efficient doctors in India is helping many individuals to find their ailment cure.

Types of Stem cell transplants

  • Autologous stem cell transplant
  • Allogeneic stem cell transplant

In Autologous stem cell transplant the donor and recipient are same where as in allogeneic stem cell transplant the donor and recipient are different. Bone marrow and organ transplant are autologous and allogeneic respectively. Autologous source ofUmbilical code Stem cells are extracted immediately after the birth for using in Treatment.

Stem cell therapy cost in India

The cost of stem cell therapy is highly affordable in India. The best travel assistance and medical service for the treatment is matchless and cost effective.


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