Stereotactic Radio Surgery

Stereotactic Radio Surgery or SRS is a method of radiation used to treat tumors of small size within the brain. The procedure is having high precision and will not affect the unaffected tissues. The radio surgery in this procedure in high doses is used for treating the tumors to attain a complete cure. The stereotactic body radio therapy.

Stereotactic Radio Surgery in India

The neurology departments of specialty centers in India are having eminent doctors and staff to perform medical procedures. The Stereotactic Radio Surgery is a non surgical method used in treating benign as well as malignant tumors. The tumors which hard to reach and located near the vital areas are unable to treat with the help of Stereotactic Radio Surgery.

The diagnosis of tumor is done with the help of magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography scan or positron emission scanning. Proper diagnosis helps in attaining precision for fixing the radiation required for treating the tumor.

Stereotactic Radio Surgery doctors in India

The doctors in India are highly capable of managing all medical conditions with utmost care and success rate. The method of Stereotactic Radio Surgery is performed by a group of medical professionals. The DNA of the tumor is destroyed by SRS similar to traditional radiation therapy. The method Stereotactic Radio Surgery is performed in organs other than brain like liver, lungs, prostate etc.

Gamma knife, linear accelerator or proton beam is used for the radiation procedure. The Stereotactic Radio Surgery will have similar side effects of traditional radiation therapy. The Stereotactic Radio Surgery is the most beneficial radiation therapy as it takes less time and will not affect the healthy tissues surrounding the tumor.

Benefits of Stereotactic Radio Surgery in India

India is a country with well established medical system. The specialty neurology and oncology centers are having high facilities and highly qualified doctors. The official procedure for visa is also done by the good quality medical service providers in India. Stereotactic Radio Surgery cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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