Thumb arthroplasty

Thumb arthroplasty

Thumb arthritis is treated with the help of thumb arthroplasty. The arthritis is seen at the base of thumb over carpometacarpal joint is called as thumb arthritis. In thumb arthroplasty, the affected joint is replaced with a tendon. Arthroplasty repairs the joints and reduces the associated symptoms. The replaced tendon acts as a support for the affected joint.

Thumb arthroplasty in India

India is a leading destination for treating neurology and orthopedic related disorders. Thumb arthroplasty is one among such repairing processes performed for retaining the joint functions. In case of thumb arthritis, the symptoms like pain, swelling, loss of movement or difficulty in movement and discomfort are experienced. The up- down movement and pinching ability of the joint will also get decreased due to the arthritic changes. Ageing and trauma are considered to be the precipitating factors of arthritis. The diagnostic measures in assessing arthritis are arthroscopy, X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging. Proper diagnosis helps in fixing the treatment with high precision.

Thumb arthroplasty doctors in India

The orthopedic specialists in India are experienced in managing wide range of diseases with high care and success rate. Thumb arthroplasty is performed by a group of orthopedic specialists. The patient will be given with anesthesia for painless management of the condition. The affected joint is removed and replaced with a tendon. During the surgery an incision is made above the joint to remove the affected part. Once the repairing is completed, the incision is closed with the help of absorbable sutures. The surgery assures minimal movements to the repaired joint. The complications include infection and recurrence of degeneration. Proper care and medications must be followed for attaining the complete benefits.

Merits of thumb arthroplasty in India

India is a country with well established medical centers. The specialty centers are having high facilities and highly qualified doctors. The details for medical visa can be attained from the good quality medical service providers in India. Thumb arthroplasty cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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