Tibial tubercle transfer for Patellofemoral arthritis

Tibial tubercle transfer is one among the surgical procedures of curing anterior knee pain due to patellofemoral arthritis. Arthritis is caused due to a wide range of factors. Knee pain caused by arthritis is difficult in cure in late stages. Surgery is the best solution for anterior knee pain in its late stages.

Tibial tubercle transfer for Patellofemoral arthritis in India

Orthopedic centers in India are having all the advanced facilities for assuring good quality treatments. Tibial tubercle transfer is among the surgeries performed in India with high success rates. The cause of arthritis is not clearly known. Wear and tear, along with aging are considered to be the precipitating factors of knee arthritis. The deformities over knee joint associated with arthritis are tissue imbalance, abnormal bone prominence and instability in tendon attachment. The clinical features of patellofemoral arthritis include anterior knee pain, instability, abnormal gait and crepitus.

Skyline X-ray and magnetic resonance imaging are used for assessing knee arthritis. The methods used in the management of anterior knee pain are reconstruction, tendon release and tibial tubercle transfer. Due to the high success rates, most of the orthopedic specialists choose tibial tubercle transfer for managing patellofemoral arthritis.

Tibial tubercle transfer for Patellofemoral arthritis doctors in India

The multispecialty centers in India are having specialists for managing wide range of disorders. Patellofemoral arthritis is well assessed with the help of diagnostic measures prior to surgery. Displaced patella is clearly observed in the radiological studies of patellofemoral arthritis. Incision is made directly above the joint for the rectification procedure. The whole process is performed under regional anesthesia for creating artificial numbness. Proper rest for 2-6 weeks with wearing brace and medications are suggestive for getting good results.

Advantages of tibial tubercle transfer for Patellofemoral arthritis in India

India has good super specialty centers with all facilities to undergo complex surgical procedures. Best doctors in India and best specialty centers can be approached through the medical assistance service providers with the help of information technology. The Tibial tubercle transfer for Patellofemoral arthritis cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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