Trigger point injection

Trigger point injection is a pain management procedure used in treating muscle pain. The muscles which contain trigger points or knots, which are formed during contraction of muscles. Hyper irritable spots on the skeletal muscles are called trigger points. Twitch response on palpation is the method of indentifying trigger point site.

Trigger point injection in India

The medical centers and medical professionals in India are the best and matchless in assuring the best available treatment and care. Trigger points are identified in the cases of head ache, neck, back pain and other muscular pains. The pulsating area with pain is considered as the trigger points of muscles. Palpation and area of pain is used in identifying the trigger points within the muscles. There are namely active and latent types of trigger points. The active trigger point is again classified into key and satellite types.

Trigger point injection doctors in India

The doctors in India are highly experienced and excellent in performing medical procedures. The orthopedic specialty centers are having high success rates in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Brupivicaine and Triamciolone are the solutions used for trigger point injection. The procedure of injection is performed after the proper assessment of the site. The site is identified by palpation and case taking. Multiple injections are given at the angle of 30 degree at insertion of up to 1-2 centimeter depth. Pressure application over the site immediately after the injection prevents hematoma formation. Massaging over the injected area is also suggestive for reducing the pain. The risk factors of trigger point injection are hematoma formation and infection. The injections must be terminated after 2-3 three times of non-beneficial attempts. Effect of injection normally lasts up to three to four month.

Benefits of trigger point injection in India

Trigger point injection cost in India is highly affordable compared to other countries. The medical service providers and hospitals in India assure the best available care for the patients undertaking medical procedures. The quality and standards maintained by the super specialty centers are matchless and best to provide possible available treatments with high success rate.

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