Vagus nerve stimulation

Vagus nerve stimulation

The electrical stimulation provided with the help of medical procedures for stimulating the cranial nerve named vagus nerve is called as vagus nerve stimulation. The vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve associated with heart and gastric functioning. Vagus nerve is supplied to many major organs and takes part in the control of emotions by stimulation. The vagus nerve stimulation is done in case of depression and epilepsy for attainment of betterment from the symptoms.

Vagus nerve stimulation in India

The method of vagus nerve stimulation is used in the management of drug resistant epilepsy and depression disorder. The epilepsy treatment is done with the help of left vagus nerve on the mid –cervical region. The motor supply to the soft palate and larynx are assessed for testing the vagus nerve functioning. The vagus nerve originates from the medulla and carries both afferent and efferent type of fibers. This nerve can be used for sending the signals to the brain of mild pulses for the treatment of epilepsy and depression. India is one among the leading destination for neurology related diseases treatment. The super specialty centers in India are having all the latest and advanced facilities in making proper diagnosis as well as management of medical conditions.

Vagus nerve stimulation doctors in India

The vagus nerve stimulation method is performed by a group of neurosurgeons. The device for stimulation is a generator placed near collar bone for sending continuous and mild signals to the brain. The lead from the generator is connected to the left vagus nerve fibers covering the carotid vessel. The leads carry signals to the brain through the nerve fibers of left vagus nerve. The specialists in India are experienced in performing all neurology related procedures with high success rate.

Benefits of Vagus nerve stimulation in India

The neurosciences departments of super specialty centers in India are well established. The specialty centers are having high facilities and highly qualified doctors. The official procedure for visa is also done by the good quality medical service providers in India. Vagus nerve stimulation cost in India is also affordable compared to other countries.

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