Varicose vein treatment

A varicose vein is a dilated, elongated and tortuous vein. A varicose vein loses the normal structure and functioning. The major sites of varicosity are

  • Superficial veins on lower limbs
  • Piles or haemorrhoidal veins varicosity
  • Spermatic veins varicosity

The veins in lower limbs are most commonly affected by varicosity.

Varicose vein treatment in India

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The etiology of varicosity is the valve impairment in the veins. The valves in veins are functioning against the gravity to pump back blood to the heart.

The predisposing factors include

  • prolonged standing
  • obesity
  • old age
  • pregnancy and
  • Sports person

The symptoms of varicosity are tiredness and aching in the affected area. Occasional sharp pain and cramping of the legs are seen in varicose vein affected individual. The tortuous and dilated veins with or without pain is major sign in varicosity.

Varicose vein treatment doctors in India

The doctors in India use manual as well as radiological measures for diagnosing varicose veins with maximum possible accuracy. The inspection and palpation techniques along with Pratt’s test, Torniquet test Brodie-Trendelenburg test etc. are performed. The special investigation includes venography, Doppler ultrasound and photoplythsmography.

The complications for varicose veins are Thrombophlebitis, eczema and venous ulcer formation.

The treatment of varicose veins has palliative, medical and surgical measures. Avoiding predisposing factors are included in the palliative care. The Fegan’s injection and compression also is used in the varicose vein management.

The ligation and ligation with striping are the two operative methods used in varicose vein treatment in India. The multiple cosmetic phlebectomy also is included in the surgical management of varicosity.

Benefits of Varicose vein treatment in India

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